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The Road To Success - Loneliness

***J’s Journal is an open diary. I share random thoughts on the different aspects of my life - love, work, and society. Most stories are inspired by my personal experiences or those of my loved ones. Just like the way you would write notes in your journal, I do not plan on respecting every grammatical rule. So, excuse my informal writing!***

Indeed, there are many topics that could be discussed when it comes to the road to success. However, I chose to talk about loneliness because I met many solopreneurs who have dealt with it, including myself. For this article, I am mainly focusing on entrepreneurship.

When you decide to start a new journey, you are anxious and excited. Also, most of the time you expect your loved ones to shower you with their support. Unfortunately, it does not always work as you imagined. Some solopreneurs confessed, they received very good support from family and friends, but others like myself have a different story. There are different types of support - emotional, physical, informational, and financial.

Before diving further, I would like to share that the most important part of your story is to believe in yourself, first. You cannot expect people to believe and support you if you do not show enough confidence and trust. In most cases, people end up excited about your journey and offers because of your vision, beliefs, and values. You motivate them and usually, that’s how you bond because they can relate to who you are, as a person.

Now, let’s get real! I think the main reason why some people say entrepreneurship is not for everyone, is because you start seeing face masks falling. Here is what I mean by that - when money is involved in the process, most people lack manners. Hence, the importance of being mentally prepared to make big decisions, such as parting ways and choosing your inner peace when necessary.

Also, I think when solo/entrepreneurs talk about loneliness in their journey it’s mainly about people they thought they knew. People who they experience things with and would have done anything to support them. However, when as a solo/entrepreneur you do not see loved ones show up and show out for you, it almost feels like a betrayal. Unfortunately, I realized that we do not talk about this situation enough, or every time someone starts the conversation, people shut it down.

Personally, I’ve talked to a seasoned entrepreneur about this topic and the first thing I was told is: “People do not owe you anything, Jamila!” For anyone who thinks like this, I respect your point of view, but I do not agree. I am not complaining about PEOPLE but my “loved ones” and in my case, those were supposed to be “my friends!” And, as friends, they should show support and loyalty because I have been there for them. Not that I am keeping tabs, but that’s the least you could hope for when going through critical periods of your life, but I guess the definition of friendship varies for everyone.

We can all agree the feeling that you get from a friend’s lack of support is totally different from a stranger’s. I believe it’s normal because you have built a solid connection with your friend. However, if there is anything I have learned from that lack of support, it is to be more determined than ever and stand tall. A lack of support might be everything you need to pierce your bubble and become braver. It is easier said than done, but if you are currently struggling because of a lack of support, please believe there is no better motivation to prove them wrong.

If you have gone through this loneliness phase as a solopreneur or entrepreneur, I urge you to be more receptive when a beginner is pouring their heart into you. They do not know any better and they just need guidance. There is no need to be harsh. You can let them know the reality without hurting their feelings. Even though some beginners fail to accept the facts, their experiences will eventually teach them.

Here are my last words to any new solopreneur or entrepreneur who is encountering some lack of support from loved ones. Do not let anyone tell you that you are wrong for feeling the way that you are feeling. However, I want you to turn this lonely feeling into something positive: motivation. It’s okay to cut ties with people at a certain point in your life. Not everyone is meant to travel with you forever. As it’s said, some people are for a season, and others are for a lifetime. Thus, do not let incidents of your journey distract you. Keep looking forward because if you aim to go higher, you do not allow small things to bother you.

I hope you will enjoy reading this article as much as I enjoyed writing it. I can’t wait to read your personal POV. Please, feel free to share and I will make sure you get a reply! Stay blessed and unbothered.

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Nov 17, 2022

Very interesting topic.vThe journey can be difficult sometimes so it feels good to hear that we are not alone in this situation. Thank you for sharing.

Nov 17, 2022
Replying to

My pleasure! I truly appreciate your comment ❤️

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