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Aidara Vending Services

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 Aidara Vending Services is a vending machine business based in San Diego, Ca. We primarily supply vending machines with snacks and drinks. AVS truly values customer satisfaction, so we appreciate feedback from clients.  Signing sheets or suggestion boxes are usually available near the machines.

 Also, we offer customizable services such as Fresh Fruit Mix and Thee Hot Drink Spot. Those particular services are created in consideration of people who want healthier snacks or warm drinks to boost their energy, at the workplace.

For all serious inquiries, reach out to us directly!

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Snacks-Vending Machine

We offer a variety of snacks - chips, cookies, pretzels, chocolate bars, and candies.


Fresh Fruit Mix

This is a weekly customizable service we offer to offices. The diversity of fruits will depend on the season. There are also different sizes - small, medium, and large.


Drinks-Vending Machine

We offer a variety of drinks - water, fruit juice, and soda such as Sprite, Coke, Pepsi, Ginger Ale, Fanta, etc.


Thee Hot Drink Spot

This is a weekly customizable service offered to offices. We provide tea, coffee, cream, sugar, and all necessary disposable utensils.

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"The road to enlightenment is long and difficult, and you should try not to forget snacks and magazines." 

Anne Lamott

Why Aidara Vending Services?

I believe behind every business there is a story, and Aidara Vending Services has one too! I could not recall any workplace I have been to that does not have a vending machine, and I should confess it is often one of the first spots I search for. It is such a relief to find a vending machine on busy work or school days when restaurants and stores are far. Indeed, it can be hard to concentrate when your stomach is growling, but it is probably not a good excuse to disappear for hours... At my last workplace, there was only one vending machine which barely worked. Also, the choice of snacks was not everyone's favorite. Unfortunately, there was no corner store and the good restaurants were miles away. Thus, we (the employees) decided to have a weekly designated "snack shopper!" Sometimes, you miss the order and you end up without a snack or a drink. Needless to say those days seemed longer than usual for a snack enthusiast, lol... This is honestly how I became inspired to start Aidara Vending Services!

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